Ravan Making Workshop

Bhavan’s Suruchi Kendra organized two short term workshops on the occasion 0f Dushhera and Navratra on October 1&2, and October 5th &6th,2019 one on Ravan Making and another on Bandarwal making both workshops lasted for 2 days 3 hours each.

In Ravan making workshop on day 1, the students were helped to create the basic structure of the Ravana effigy using Bamboo sticks and old cloth strips to provide the structure with strength then they used old newspaper to cover the bamboo structure.

On day 2, the students used their own ideas and creativity to design a dress for the Ravana Effigy, they used multicolored paper and other decorative items for the same, they even prepared a sword and a Dhal to be placed in the hands.

The highlight of the Effigy are always the ten heads, which each student prepared differently using their own unique thoughts.

One could appreciate the excitement and happiness on the faces of the students and Parents when they carried their own hand made Ravan effigy home.

We highlighted the significance of Dushhera and burning of the effigy as a symbol of conquering oneself by burning ones bad habits to become a better individual.

25 students enthusiastically took part in the activity.

Another activity was the Bandarwal making activity using velvet cloth, beads and other decorative material. Bandarwal making is an old tradition which has undergone change with time, it is a decorative item to put on the entrance to welcome the guest.

12 participants took part they were provided all the material as well as the guidance to create their own, each participant prepared a unique one and took home. Overall both the activities were very satisfying and drew lot of appreciation.

This was yet another endeavor of Bhavan’s Suruchi Kendra to generate awareness on our rich culture and heritage.

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